Aug 27, 2005 - Aug 27, 2005

experimental scratch video art tournament

V-ATAK VS. FAMEFAME, with special guest Shitmat (UK), dj Will Munro, and Michael Tesolin

952 Queen Street West
Video / Audio / Booze / Decor / more…
$5, doors open at 9pm, battle begins at 10pm sharp!
In this age of the re-run, the re-hash, and the re-mix, when nothing is original and everything is stupid, FAMEFAME, the nomadic media pirates of the alien wasteland, steal the classic Cronenberg concept of Videodrome, a barrage of aggressive sex and death imagery synced to a psycho active video signal to excite, stimulate and satisfy.
The choicest art, the sweetest taste of all, is the creation of a moment, a shared experience where the exchange of energy is not betrayed by physical commodity. FAMEFAME will attempt this impossible feat by turning the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art into a temporary temple of spectacle, invoking televisionary excess and treating the media’s sex and violence fixation to hyperbolic overload challenging the appetites of the even most ravenous eyes+ears.
Here on the point of this challenge audio/visual avatars meet to do battle in the videodrome, the video arena. FAMEFAME, the jewel of Toronto’s underground, host V-Atak, a young, Paris, FR-based producer, for a throwdown unlike any seen before. Taking the structure of the Jamaican soundclash, rival crews drop a video track followed up by the other team who must try to up the ante and outdo the previous presentation—just like in 8 Mile only done by nerds who watch too much TV. Gabba jungle mash-up maniac Henry Collins aka Shitmat (UK) will whip the crowd into a frenzy encouraging them to voice their responses to the video offering. The cheers and jeers of the audience will eventually decide the winner of the battle, who will then be presented with the championship video belt, a one-of-a-kind chrome-plated, bronze trophy handcrafted by FAMEFAME’s Josh Avery.

FAMEFAME gratefully acknowledges support for VIDEODROME from the Ontario Arts Council

FAMEFAME is a not-for-profit curatorial and programming collaborative for the production, presentation and promotion of time-based media work including, but not limited to, video, audio, kinetic sculpture, painting, performance and net art. FAMEFAME members collaborate on a volunteer basis to facilitate the manifestation of cultural events and artifacts with the express intent of developing a community-oriented contemporary vanguard. FAMEFAME’s core membership is Tasman Richardson, Jubal Brown, Ellie Chesnutt, Josh Avery and Alana Didur. Visit www.famefame.com for more about FAMEFAME. Visit www.vidioatak.org for more about V-ATAK. Visit www.shitmat.co.uk for more about Shitmat.

All programs and activities at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art are supported by Toronto Culture, Ontario Arts Council, individual memberships and private donations