The Invisible Landscape revealing our place in the world
Nov 25, 2006 - Jan 21, 2007

Bertram Brooker, Emily Carr, Paterson Ewen, Robert Flack, Betty Goodwin, Lawren S. Harris, Holly King, Ernest Lawson, Jock Macdonald, Jane Ash Poitras, Roland Poulin, Eric Renner, Gerhard Richter, Jack Shadbolt, Thomas Sivuraq,  Bill Viola, Joel-Peter Witkin

From the collection of The National Gallery of Canada

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to present an
extraordinary exhibition featuring significant historical and
contemporary works from important Canadian and international artists,
drawn from the collection of the National Gallery of Canada.  / The
Invisible Landscape: Revealing Our Place in the World/ is intended to
reflect upon the elusive and vital connections between humanity and
nature.  Underlying these relationships is the fact that our species
is not merely connected with nature, but is an aspect of it.  This
fact, however, is often overlooked by a humanity that tends to see
itself as occupying a distinct and central place in the universe, with
nature being viewed as adversary or commodity.

All of the artworks in the exhibition were created in the 20th
century, and address, in some way, the idea of the interdependence of human beings and nature.  They represent our innate desire to
comprehend the world around us; to look beyond the rational and the
visible, to reveal some essential truth about the world and our place
in it.

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