The End of the World
Feb 25, 2003 - Feb 25, 2003

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art presents:


The End of the World!


An exhibition of recent single-channel video works by some of Canada’s most innovative artists working in the medium today. 


Jubal Brown    Karma Clarke-Davis   Tammy Forsythe

Istvan Kantor   Tasman Richardson   Floria Sigismondi

Camilla Singh   Johannes Zits


The End of the World! is a sometimes irreverent, sometimes humorous and most definitely bizarre journey to the fringes of contemporary consciousness. Threatened by our own political, economic, technological and environmental activities, our civilization hovers on the precipice of a new world disorder. End of the World! is an explosive, over-stimulating presentation of visually excessive  artworks by some of Canada’s brightest, most innovative new-media artists.


Although the works in this approximately 80-minute program are diverse in thematic intent, they are included together here to form what may be considered a poetic, (twisted?), narrative examining our increasingly intimate and interdependent relationships to technology and the media. A constant barrage of “information”, and our increasing estrangement from nature will have profound physical and psychological implications for our species. This fascinating presentation pulses with the conflicting anxieties of our times. Employing the most primitive and straightforward technologies, to the most advanced and sophisticated available, these artists push their imaginations and the video medium itself to dynamic extremities.


Prepare to be challenged, provoked and encouraged to contemplate the apparent trajectory that our current behaviour implies!


The End of the World!  Takes place at the Staircase Café Theatre, 27 Dundurn St. North, Hamilton, Ontario, on Tuesday February 25, at 8 p.m. Admission: $5


This program has been assisted with the courtesy of Artcore Gallery, Revolver Film Company, S.P.I.N. Gallery, and V-Tape.


Information:  Staircase Café Theatre:, box office: 905-529-3000

MOCCA:, 416-395-7430