TEKKO 02 / Mural Exhibition
Aug 25, 2002 - Jul 12, 2002




TEKKO 02 / mural exhibition


Buro Destruct (Switzerland)

Volume One (US)

Rinzen (Australia)

Planet Pixel (Germany)

GWG (Japan)

Typo Therapy + design (Canada)

Mud Pub (Canada)

Conformist (Canada)


July 12 – August 25, 2002 The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, in collaboration with Tekko Exhibitions, is pleased to present TEKKO 02 mural exhibition, a showcase for leading-edge Canadian and international graphic designers and design studios, taking place in our galleries from July 12 to August 25, 2002.


The Tekko Exhibitions were established in the year 2000 with the primary goal of creating an autonomous space where graphic designers could exhibit their work and new ideas away from the market place.  In order to celebrate design as an aesthetic mode of production, Tekko continues to provide a forum that is removed from is dominant role as a promoter of goods and services by bringing innovative design work into a fine art setting.


Part of our goal is to give Canadian graphic designers a push into the international market by creating a forum that places Canada at the center of a global design community.  IdN Magazine (Hong Kong) championed Tekko 01 “for putting Canadian design on the map.”  An important point to note is that before Tekko began there were no exhibitions that solely promoted contemporary graphic design as a creative practice beyond its market value in Canada.  The designers and design studios we choose to exhibit and showcase in this unique manner vary from emerging to established, but all participants share a desire to push the limits of graphic design.


Designers, design enthusiasts, art lovers and all members of the public are welcome to join us for the opening reception and party at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art on July 12, from 7:00 – 10:00 pm 


Tekko 02 is generously supported by Moveable (http:/www.moveable.com), Shift Japan (http:/www.shift.jp.org), and Shift magazine (http:/www.shift.com).