Project Space
Toronto International Film Festival’s Future Projections
Duane Hopkins | Sunday
Sep 09, 2011 - Sep 18, 2011

Curated by Noah Cowan, Artistic Director, TIFF Bell Lightbox. Presented in collaboration with the Future Projections programme of the Toronto International Film Festival

Opening reception: September 9, 8:00 – 11:00 pm

UK director Duane Hopkins’ full-scale installation project, Sunday, is both an extension of his previous films and a haunting, elegiac projection-based work in its own right. Consisting of a series of subtly looped diptychs and triptychs, Sunday, focuses on the rural youth of his much-celebrated feature-film debut Better Things (2008) and his early shorts Field and Love Me or Leave Me Alone. Hopkins captures the ennui, sadness and beauty of isolated adolescence in painterly tones and colors that recall the British Romantics, while twinning and reconceptualizing his landscapes to evoke the brooding, twitchy surrealism of the ever-encroaching contemporary world. Sunday builds to a climax of poignant helplessness, a politics of alienation that presages the violence and turmoil engulfing England this summer.