Sobey Art Award
Nov 16, 2003 - Dec 20, 2003

October 28, 2003



Sobey Art Award 2002 to be showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art


Halifax, NS: The Sobey Art Foundation is pleased to present Sobey Art Award 2002 at Toronto’s Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA) from November 16th to December 20th 2003. 


Organized by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and in conjunction with the Toronto International Art Fair, the MOCCA exhibition will feature recent works by the Sobey Art Award 2002 national shortlisted artists, including winner Brian Jungen and runner up David Hoffos, as well as Jean-Pierre Gauthier, Marla Hlady, and Colleen Wolstenholme.


“We were delighted with the response and success of the inaugural Sobey Art Award. The MOCCA exhibition as part of the Toronto International Art Fair allows the Foundation another opportunity to support and promote the enormous talent of the 2002 short-listed artists while generating further interest in the Award,” said Donald Sobey, Chairman, Sobey Art Foundation.


The impressive list of Canadian talent short-listed for the Sobey Art Award was featured first at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in December 2002 in an exhibition that celebrated their works.  Since then, there have been avid expressions of interest in the Award from across the country according to Jeffrey Spalding, Director and Chief Curator AGNS.


In response to an invitation to curate an exhibition for the 2003 Toronto International Art Fair, the presentation of Sobey Art Award exhibition seemed fitting. “The most timely and compelling idea was absolutely obvious and immediately apparent,” said Spalding. “Rather than create an entirely new show, AGNS had a wonderful exhibition idea ‘in-hand’, the inaugural 2002 Sobey Art Award.”


The 2002 panel of curatorial advisors included Ray Cronin, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia; Pierre Landry, Curator of Contemporary Art at Le Musée d’Art Contemporain; Jessica Bradley, formerly Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario; James Patten, formerly Curator of Contemporary Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Bruce Grenville, Senior Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery.


Created by the Sobey Art Foundation, the $50,000 Sobey Art Award is awarded every two years to a contemporary Canadian artist, 39 years of age or under, who has exhibited his or her work in a public or private art gallery in Canada within 18 months of being nominated. For further information and nominations guidelines, go to the Sobey Art Award website at


For more information contact:

Svava Juliusson, Coordinator Sobey Art Award

C/O Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

(902) 424-5169



For information on the host gallery contact:

Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (MOCCA)

Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 5

MOCCA is wheel chair accessible

Camilla Singh, Assistant Director/Curator

5040 Yonge Street

Toronto, Ontario

Phone: 416-395-7430



For information on the Toronto International Art Fair contact:

Rachel Boguski at the art fair offices 1-800-663-4173








In 2002, the Sobey Art Foundation inaugurated the largest art award in Canadian history for a young Canadian artist. The Sobey Art Award is a biennial award to be given to an artist under 40 whom has had a show in a public or commercial art gallery in the past 18 months. The winner will be decided by a panel of curatorial advisors, one from a major gallery in each of five regions: the Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies and the North, the West Coast.  Each advisor is charged with creating a shortlist of five artists from their respective regions.


The 5 panelists will meet as a group in Halifax, during the spring of 2004 and, reduce the national long list of 25 artists to a short list of five. The curatorial advisors will choose the winner. The announcement will be made during a reception at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in October 2004. The winner will receive a prize of $50,000.




Nominations will be submitted for each of the five regions from recognized agents and institutions. The recognized agents and institutions must meet criteria determined by the Sobey Art Foundation. The nominated artists would also need to meet criteria as laid out by the Sobey Art Foundation. The curatorial advisors are charged with developing a regional list based on the nominated artists and their professional knowledge of their regions and of the national arts scene. The curatorial advisors represent major regional galleries and have broad knowledge of the arts regionally, nationally and internationally.





The panel of curatorial advisors includes for the West Coast:  Lisa Baldiserra, Art Gallery of Greater Victoria; The Prairies and the North:  Catherine Crowston, Edmonton Art Gallery; Ontario: David Liss, Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art; Quebec: Stéphane Aquin, Musée des Beaux-arts de Montréal; and the Atlantic:  Ray Cronin, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia