Project Room:
Chris Chong Chan Fui and Yasuhiro Morinaga: HEAVENHELL
Curated by Andréa Picard
Presented in collaboration with the Toronto International Film Festival’s Future Projections Programme
Sep 10, 2010 - Sep 19, 2010

For his renowned film High and Low (1963) Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa was unable to shoot the slum scene on the infamous brothel streets of Koganecho, Yokohama as it was considered much too dangerous for his cast and crew. Presented in MOCCA’s Project Room, HEAVENHELL is a six-channel audio-video installation that restages the stylized scene in the location Kurosawa originally intended. Recruiting local youth in the now cleaned-up neighbourhood, Chris Chong Chan Fui and Yasuhiro Morinaga create a suspenseful conflation triptych where the present exhumes the past.