Paul Collins | 24 hour 3 Stooges
Sep 30, 2006 - Sep 30, 2006

For Nuit Blanche the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art will be presenting a video projection in our courtyard by Paris-based Canadian artist Paul Collins titled 24 hour 3 Stooges. A cash bar will be available inside the gallery.

24 hour 3 Stooges began as an ironic bon mot, playing off Scottish artist, Douglas Gordon’s famous 24 Hour Psycho, a slowed screening of Hitchcock’s masterpiece. Collins’s take has, in its coming into being, evolved a singular beauty and meaning all its own. Episodes of the Three Stooges, the famous slapstick trio of the 193Os, 40s and 50s, have been slowed down to a dream-like series of violent vignettes.  The 24 hours of the title might now be seen to refer to the omnipresence of The Three Stooges on late 195O’s and early 60′s television. Curly, Larry and Moe occupied a predominant place in the collective imaginations of Collins and his generation of baby-boomers.
Collins has slowed the action down, so that, while we now read the film as a series of single, striking, composed images, we never lose the narrative thread; the film becomes at once contemplative and action-packed. It is transformed, into something eerie and hypnotic, like a resurgent dream out of our half-remembered youths. He has retained the sound, but it is now thick and viscous and more than slightly menacing. 24 hour 3 Stooges metamorphoses the slapstick into a hauntingly strange gothic dance.
In his critique of Douglas Gordon’s Hollywood Films at the Power Plant in 2000, Eye Weekly writer R.M. Vaughan made reference to the term, “parking-lot movie” to describe films that are enjoyable but forgettable — films that slip your mind by the time you reach for your car keys.” As chance would have it, MOCCA’s presentation of Paul Collins’s 24 hour 3 Stooges gives new meaning to this term, as the film will actually be shown in the parking-lot of the museum. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.
Paul Collins Biography
Before moving to Paris in 1982, Paul Collins lived in Toronto, where he worked at the Coach House Press, exhibited at A Space, YYZ, Mercer Union, The Garnet Press, founded Permanent Press, contributed to Only Paper Today, played music at the Spadina Hotel with his bands The Lewd Reeds and El 7. Since living in Paris, he has exhibited at the Cartier Foundation, CREDAC, L’Impasse, La Génrale and Le Musée des Beaux-arts de Mulhouse. In 2005, he released Wipe Out, an experimental music CD, with French composer J.J. Palix. He is the coordinator of the Communication (arts and Media) department at the Ecole des Beaux-arts, Caen-la-Mer.
Since 2001, Paul Collins has been collaborating with Toronto artist, John Armstrong. Their bookwork, Jimà, (2002) was published by Coach House Books, Toronto and the Art Gallery of Sudbury. Jimà, the accompanying exhibition of 98 paired photographs, was widely shown in Europe and Canada and included in The Ironic Turn, an internationally touring exhibition organized by the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.
Lakeshore, John & Paul’s most recent and ongoing collaboration in painting and photography, Lakeshore, will open at Oakville Galleries on November 17, 2006 (to January 14th) and at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Art Gallery, Corner Brook on November 23, 2006 (to January 27).