Painters 15
Feb 06, 2003 - Apr 13, 2003

John Brown   David Cantine   Will Gorlitz   Richard Gorman   Susanna Heller   Liu Jian   John Kissick   Doug Kirton   Harold Klunder   Wanda Koop   Kazuo Nakamura   

Gina Rorai   Ron Shuebrook   Denyse Thomasos   Carol Wainio

Curated by David Urban.


February 6 to April 13, 2003.

Opening Reception: Thursday February 6, 7 – 10 p.m.


The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to present Painters 15, a spectacular exhibition of new and recent works by some of Canada’s most renowned established painters.


Conceived and curated by David Urban, the exhibition is intended to showcase the diversity, talent and vitality of some of Canada’s most accomplished painters. The unifying link between these artists, is their tenacious commitment to the practice of painting, and the unique visions that each of them have formed over the course of highly regarded careers in this country, and beyond.


Painters 15 was exhibited at the Shanghai Art Museum in China, in August and September, 2002. The curatorial strategy for the exhibition was specifically designed to provide Chinese audiences with a glimpse into the diversity and depth of achievement of contemporary Canadian painting. While not meant to be definitive in any way, the exhibition does include artists from the eastern, western and central regions of Canada, as well as New York City. It is also significant that the exhibition marked the first time that a major survey of contemporary Canadian painting has taken place in China.


The title of the exhibition is specifically derived from a group of painters from an earlier generation who bonded together foremost for their shared belief in the boundless potential and timeless traditions of the medium, more than any common thematic approach. Painters 15 consciously celebrates the ongoing legacy and continuity of Canadian painting. The exhibition may also be considered a tribute to the great achievements of the late Kazuo Nakamura who, as the only member of both Painters 11 and Painters 15, stands as a key link between generations.


Painters 15 was extremely well received in Shanghai, both publicly and critically. The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, the co-organizers David Urban, Laurel MacMillan and Liu Jian, and the exhibition sponsors, invite the Canadian public to celebrate with the artists, the triumphant return to Canada of the exhibition Painters 15.



Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade,

and the Henry N.R. Jackman Foundation.