New Exhibition Eleanor Bond
Feb 15, 2001 - Apr 01, 2001


Eleanor Bond

February 15 to April 1, 2001

At the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, 5040 Yonge Street 


OPENING  February 15, 7:00 to 9:00 PM.



The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to present the exhibition Eleanor Bond in our galleries from February 15 to April 1, 2001.


Since 1985, Winnipeg artist Eleanor Bond has produced large canvases that represent the city based on her reflections on contemporary ideas of space, place and community.  These works evoke actual and imaginary urban environments in which shapes and forms coalesce and then decompose at a fast-forward pace.  Using unusual perspectives and saturated colours, her unstretched canvases possess the capacity to engulf the viewer in a surreal world that encompasses the dilemmas of current social and cultural realities.


This exhibition includes paintings from three of Bond’s major series; Cosmoville, painted in Rotterdam in 1995, Some Cities, an ongoing project produced mainly in Winnipeg, and Social Centres from 1989 to 1991.


With their complex descriptive titles, which help to map the ambiguities and tensions that pervade their landscapes, Eleanor Bond’s paintings represent the city as a social space where the discrete lives of its inhabitants are immersed in a blur of progressive activity.  Bond’s imaginary geographies contrast modernism’s utopian obsession to construct an ideal social order with the alienation and fragmentation of our lives that progress creates. They may also suggest an alternative model to our static notion of society based on fixed territories and structures.  As technology and travel move our thoughts and bodies around the globe, new connections among people and ideas are constantly forming, shifting the conventional notions of who we are and where we live.


This exhibition is organized by the Musée d’art contemporain de Montreal.  The national tour and the Toronto presentation have been made possible with the financial assistance of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

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