Future Species: Mike Bilodeau | Exoskell
Apr 29, 2006 - May 28, 2006

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to present the exhibition Exoskell by Hamilton artist Mike Bilodeau, as part of our ongoing project room series, Future Species.

Exoskell is a series of free-standing sculptural and wall mounted objects that Bilodeau has created, largely from scrap and discarded metal and electronic machinery that resemble strange and ominous futuristic life forms.
“ What I do is nothing new. Assemblage – a form of sculpting – has been around for quite some time. The only difference here, I feel, is that I’ve taken the craft one step further in terms of style, arrangement, and theory. You will see that I have grasped and developed an apocalyptic style and fused it strongly with dark technological elements. In turn, these technological elements have lead me to play on different levels of structure and form. To add to the sense of form, I have placed the pieces under different light sources to accentuate the exquisitely abysmal quality of these works. My goal is to create this effect: to place the viewer in a totally ethereal position, where all physical boundaries seem to be broken; where walls, floors and ceilings are annihilated. In this context the works occupy a space, not so much in the room as in the mind of the viewer.
What motivates me is a deep seated notion that there is something more to life than what is currently perceived. This probably explains my fascination with things that are microscopic and insect-like in appearance, the U.F.O. phenomenon, and my passion for electronic music. I am also drawn to the patterns found in chaos theory and anything not scientifically quantifiable, such as the spirit realm. This is where archetypes reside, where angels and demons have their stake in the material world, holding us by tethers and manifesting themselves through dreams and hallucinations. What their purpose is in our lives remains a mystery. Some of us know they have the capacity to either inspire us or drive us mad.
It has been with great pleasure and pain to bring forth these creatures from the dark. I hope to have raised awareness of the possible, the fantastic and the real.”
- Mike Bilodeau

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