Dig My Mood
Apr 25, 2003 - Apr 27, 2003

Dig My Mood


Sherri Hay    John Scott    Douglas Walker

Curated by Camilla Singh


April 25 – 27, 2003.

20th Annual Contemporary Arts Festival

Birmingham, Alabama




The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art embarks on a wailing three-day outdoor extravaganza of visual vicissitudes in Birmingham, Alabama, at the 20th Annual Contemporary Arts Festival, from April 25 to 27, 2003.  Dig My Mood, curated by Camilla Singh, is a selection of works on paper by Sherri Hay, John Scott and Douglas Walker.  The works in this exhibition unite the divergent practices of three artists; the realistic stylings of Sherri Hay’s Superheroes series, the raw immediacy of John Scott’s iconic images, and Douglas Walker’s monumentally scaled, fictive landscapes.


In Sherri Hay’s Superheroes series, the ordinary, average person attains superhero status through elevated personal attributes, which may otherwise be considered an individual’s shortcomings.  The glorification of the ordinary is empowering and the visual representation is highly realistic.


John Scott challenges inertia and complacency with his now fabled apocalyptic icons of the technology of destruction, and frenetically drawn bunny-ish humanoids in the midst of it all.


Douglas Walker’s oil on paper paintings, devoid of any human or animal presence, are massive, cracked and aged looking landscapes, which simultaneously have a sci-fi quality and a direct visual reference to an older tradition of landscape painting.


This exciting collection of works by some of Canada’s most dynamic artists is sure to be a mood-altering experience.  See you in Alabama!