Media/Retail Space
Barbara Astman
Dancing with Che: Enter Through The Gift Shop
Jun 22, 2013 - Aug 11, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday June 21,  8-10 pm

Dancing With Che: Enter Through the Gift Shop, in MOCCA’s Media/Retail Space, is an intervention-installation of Che Guevara souvenirs.  Intrigued by the idea of a souvenir as an object, artist Barbara Astman considers what it means for a cultural icon to appear on a multitude of mass-produced consumer items. Starting with a self-portrait in which she wears a souvenir Che Geuvera t-shirt purchased during a trip to Cuba, the artist created multiples of mugs, postcards, and playing cards; these objects are typically created for mass consumption, acting as cultural substitutes for a memory or experience. But while the artist entices visitors with her retail display, she does not allow them to satiate their consumer desire – none of the objects are for sale.