Bruce LaBruce | The Raspberry Reich
Feb 25, 2005 - Feb 26, 2005

Friday February 25, film screening, discussion, party 8pm Saturday February 26, screenings at 7 & 9 pm

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art and Pleasure Dome are pleased to present the downtown premiere of Bruce LaBruce’s The Raspberry Reich.

The revolution is my boyfriend! Local queer punk pioneer and Pleasure Dome favorite Bruce LaBruce is back after the controversial Skin Flick with his latest atrocity exhibition, the raucous The Raspberry Reich. Now skewering far left instead of far right, LaBruce has thrown together a rich cinematic swill of Godardian sloganeering, hardcore queer porn and witty jabs at radical chic. A messy camp manifesto for public sexual warfare and a mockery of knee-jerk rebellion and fashionable causes, the typically irreverent and chaotic The Raspberry Reich is both agit-prop and fuck flick.
On Friday February 25th, Bruce LaBruce will introduce his most recent film and will participate in a post-screening discussion with Noam Gonick and John McCullough. Gonick is a Winnipeg-based filmmaker who studied with Guy Maddin and Bruce LaBruce, producing a documentary and book on their work before making his own films; McCullough is a writer and Super 8 filmmaker who teaches in the Department of Film and Video at YorkUniversity. The post-screening party will feature DJ Rory Them Finest and Cheerleader 666. The Raspberry Reich will be shown again at 7pm and 9pm on Saturday February 26th.