Art Without Reservations: Co-presented by ImaginNATIVE, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, and Bravo!
Oct 15, 2009 - Oct 15, 2009

Al Green Theatre
750 Spadina Ave
Toronto, ON M6C, Canada
(416) 924-6211

Co-presented by Bravo! and MOCCA

Bunky Echo-Hawk: Profile of a proACTIVE ARTist
2009, USA, 6 min 5 sec, Beta SP, World Premiere
Director: Tracy Rector
Echo-Hawk (Pawnee/Yakama) uses a plethora of artist’s tools to quash stereotypes and misconceptions about Indigenous Peoples.

The Power of the Haida People
2009, Canada, 3 min 5 sec, Beta SP, Haida, World Premiere
Director: Joseph Brandon Brown
This visually engaging and thought-provoking short uses modern means to sketch a meditative portrait of the Haida people and culture.

2008, USA, 5 min, Beta SP, Canada Premiere
Director: Courtney M. Leonard
“Everything happens for a reason.” An artist explores meaning in the death of a finback whale, the repercussions it has on her Reservation, and how this experience manifests itself in her artwork.

2009, Canada, 2 min 5 sec, Digital Beta, World Premiere
Director: Jobie Weetaluktuk
In this cinematic tribute to Inuit culture, filmmaker Jobie Weetaluktuk mixes the past with the present to create a powerful and timeless statement about the effects of appropriation on art and culture.

Pushing the Line: Art without Reservations
2009, Canada, 47 min, Digital Beta, World Premiere
Director: Lisa Jackson
Northwest Coast artists Michael Nicoll and Marianne Nicolson spend their days creating work that pushes boundaries, redefining what society has come to expect of Indigenous art.