ARCO 06 New Terrotories: Cityscapes
Feb 07, 2006 - Feb 13, 2006

The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is excited to announce our participation in programs at ARCO 06 and the Begoña Malone Gallery in Madrid, Spain from February 7 – 13, 2006.

Canadian participation in special curatorial projects at ARCO 06 is organized by MOCCA and curated by David Liss
Participating galleries and artists: Christopher Cutts, Toronto, featuring Richard Stipl and Salustiano;
Pierre-Francois Ouellette art contemporain, Montreal, featuring Alexandre Castonguay and Jerome Fortin; TrepannierBaer Gallery, Calgary, featuring Luanne Martineau and Chris Millar.
The selection of six artists from three galleries, from three major Canadian urban centres – Calgary, Montreal and Toronto – from three different regions of Canada, is specifically intended to reflect a dynamic and open approach to art activity and artistic practices that are diverse in spirit and globally engaged. The artists represented here are not necessarily bound by regional concerns or fashionable discourses on urban design and socio-architectural engineering. Furthermore, and similarly, the galleries that represent them do not limit themselves to rosters of artists from their respective cities or regions. The curatorial selection for Cityscapes reflects the complexity of the scene in Canada and the good news and bad news are one in the same: convenient classification and definitive conclusions will be elusive.
ARCO Experts Forum
Panel discussion: Museums Past and Present
Wednesday February 8, 11:30am – 1:30pm, North Convention Centre, Room N-107
Director: Simon Nadji, (France); Jacob Fabricius, (Denmark); David Liss, (Canada); Carol Lu, (China);
Miguel von Hafe Perez, (Portugal).
Video Unplugged
On the bus at ARCO: curated by Paco Barragan and David Liss
Videos by: Tammy Forsythe, Hri Neil, Nick and Sheila Pye, Seth Scriver
Non-Celestial Bodies at Begoña Malone Gallery, Madrid.
February 7 – March 7, 2006
Organized by Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto, and Begoña Malone Gallery, Madrid.
Curated by David Liss
Artists: Nicholas Di Genova, Janieta Eyre, Natalia Granada, Massimo Guerrera, Luanne Martineau,
Motohiko Odani, Evan Penny, Ed Pien, Nick and Sheila Pye, Seth Scriver, Fiona Smyth, Richard Stipl, Sandra Sue.
Featuring several Canadian and international artists from ARCO New Territories: Cityscapes this exhibition echoes the notion of the body as architectonic structure, as place; not so much in the most literal of ways but as an organism shaped by the conditions of contemporary urban space and the built environment.


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